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Saturday, 9/13/08: Thirsty?

Saturday, 9/13/08: Thirsty?
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Saturday was the annual S.V. Days Parade, which pretty much runs east to west across the main drag in town and closes off the street right in front of our office. It was our second year handing out water to people along the parade route. We got to dress casually and spend a couple hours outside, which was nice. The parade was small, but nice. There were only a few classic tractors this year, which kind of disappointed me! Last year there was a whole herd of ancient-but-well-kept John Deers. There were the baseball teams and the square dance troupe and the Rockin' Roller Derby Girls (who invited me to join), the YMCA and the churches, the high school bands and tiny gymnasts and tinier karate...ers. Quaint. That's what it was. Quaint.

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