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Wednesday, 9/10/08: The door.

Wednesday, 9/10/08: The door.
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The door was the one thing that actually was a bit easier than anticipated! At first measure, our existing door was 78.5" instead of the standard 80". Once we got that door out, though, we found an extra inch and a half and thus avoided sawing through steel. Whew! Not to be outdone by the rest of the repairs, the door gave us its fair share of grief, including the need to re-paint it at a later date. And my dad was working right up to the eleventh hour... on his last morning in town, we went to breakfast, and then he had to "quickly" splice in a piece of flooring next to the threshold before he got on the road back toward Illinois. It was certainly worth it; all told, it's beautiful and solid and such a vast improvement over what was there that I actually grin every time I see it.

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