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Monday, 9/8/08: Angles

Monday, 9/8/08: Angles
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In a moment of pure exhaustion, Gen flopped back onto the floor at the bottom of the stairwell, and then exclaimed, "Oo! If you ever need a picture with lots of interesting angles, lay down here and look up!" So I did. Things go in every direction from this vantage point.

A side note, this is the one section of the condo we have ignored completely, and continue to ignore as we try to figure out how to conquer it. The ceiling is probably a good 18-20 feet above the bottom of the stairs, and the skylight extends another six to eight feet above it. The ceiling and skylight have naked drywall, as the ugly popcorn was removed (and thus need to be both primed and painted), and the walls are still that dirty yellow the entire house was painted in. I think we'll have to end up hiring it out, because I'm not sure it's physically possible to paint without extensive scaffolding. *sigh* Anyone local know good painters that don't charge an arm and a leg?

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