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Friday, 9/5/08: The hard way

Friday, 9/5/08: The hard way
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I think I mentioned that absolutely nothing was as easy as it might've been while my dad was here. He wanted to put the light switch in a place that made sense--next to the door. I guess normally, doors are framed with two two-by-fours on each side, which would've left about a two-inch space between the two doors through which to drop the wires. My dad was in the attic drilling downwards to get through the header when he popped out through the wall and saw light. In this house there were five two-by-fours lined up one next to another. At that point, there was no going back, so he just removed a piece of drywall and... routered? routed?... out one of the boards. The sound was horrifying and really not fun and I ended up standing off to the side wincing as he cleared away a path. We patched it and spackled it and I think it'll be good as new once I paint it.

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