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Sunday, 4/20/08: And... finished?

Sunday, 4/20/08: And... finished?
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So I think I mentioned I've been working on a painting of a house Nadine fell in love with while she was visiting. And I think it's done. Draft One, anyway. I might try again, now that I'm a little more back in the groove--I haven't painted since high school, so it's all coming back to me. Slowly.

Gen and I went to dinner with S and Little A at Yamato's, which has the yummiest shrimp ever. I don't like shrimp, and I purposefully got the shrimp dinner! Crazy. I mean, I'm from the Midwest. I did not grow up on seafood. But I'm trying. And dinner was definitely delicious! We also discovered that at Yamato's, they put on scary animal masks to sing Happy Birthday. Like, cows and gorillas and things. Strange.

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