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Saturday, 4/12/08: Bachelorette!

Saturday, 4/12/08: Bachelorette!
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This weekend was Elaina's bachelorette party. It was all a complete surprise to Elaina, which is why she looks perhaps a little overwhelmed. *g* She's got a bachelorette sash on, too, that you can't see.

We started the "evening" off mid-afternoon at Camille the Day Spa in Santa Barbara. We all got different treatments. I had a Spa Pedicure, which is different than a normal pedicure in that it took an hour, involved leg exfoliation, a leg masque (which I did not know existed), and a foot-and-leg massage. Mmmmm, heavenly. Then she painted my toes and I was ready for sandals in the 95 degree weather we had over the weekend! In between everyone's treatments, we sipped champagne and chatted.

Then we were off to a Chinese restaurant where we ordered huge amounts of delicious food and yapped. A lot. [Side story: on the way to the restaurant, Elaina was all decked out, and the rest of us were wearing boas. A little girl, about three years old, and carrying two baby dolls with another two in the stroller her mom was pushing, gave Elaina the most judging, you-must-be-insane look a child taht size could possible muster. It was precious and kind of hilarious.] Afterwards, it was off to the hotel, where we invaded a poor Speedo-ed gentleman's relaxing soak in the hot tub (which was HUUUUUUUGE), and then spent the evening playing games and yapping some more and goofing off, and it was a lot of fun.

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