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Sunday, 3/30/08: Exhaustion, OMG!

Sunday, 3/30/08: Exhaustion, OMG!
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The weekend was very draining. There was very little sleep to be had, and we were scheduled from breakfast straight on through dinner. This picture is of us, totally about to collapse.

Sunday morning started bright and early with the Breakfast, at which Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki entertained. They were goofy and adorable and Jared announced his engagement to Sandy McCoy, and the event was a highlight of the weekend. Immediately after breakfast were the photo ops, only one of which I participated in. Then it was back to the ballroom for Jared's panel, then Jensen's, then the two together.

I loved them both! Jared's dream line for Sam to say would be "Dean! My ass!" and Jensen did a spot-on impression of Jared/Sam. Again, many things I think I'd like to remember, but I'll have to go into that later. The two of them are just so much fun together--and apart, ragging on each other. Next up was Steve's panel, and then Sandy's. Steve did a great job, and Sandy was so extremely nervous and adorable that I don't see how anyone could help but like her. There weren't anymany of the crazy fan questions I was expecting, which was nice.

After everything, we waited in line FOR-EV-ER to pick up our photo op pictures, and then it was finally home to the Valley hotel for dinner and dying. OMG, so tired!

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