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October 1, 2007

October 1, 2007
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Disneyland has been on the top of my sister's list of things to do since her supervisor canceled her one weekday off almost a year and a half ago and she failed to see Snow White's castle even once during her three-month internship. I joked that she was coming here to go to Disneyland, not to see me, but I'm glad we got to go!

We rode Nemo and learned to draw Jack Skellington and hit all the old favorites, and it was fun. It's Halloweentime, so there were dozens of miniature Princesses and Tiggers and Buzz Lightyears, and the cutest thing ever, ever, was watching these tiny Disney characters put on Jedi robes and learn to fight Darth Mall. Adorable! It was a full, busy, exhausting day of fun, fun, fun, fun, fun!

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