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September 7, 2007

September 7, 2007
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I am SO UPSET. I need to rewind the last two weeks and start over. Go back to before my teller quit, before I found out I need a new car, and BEFORE MY CAMERA BROKE. I'm going to cry. I really am.

A group of us were supposed to go downtown to corporate today to take a picture for AIDS Walk, only it was too complicated to coordinate. Marketing asked us to take group pictures at our individual offices, which would allow everyone who's walking to be in the picture, instead of just one or two people. So I asked a customer to take our picture.

She dropped my camera. And not just dropped, no. She practically THREW MY CAMERA TO THE GROUND. The lens was out, the camera hit the ground and bounced a few times. She said, "Oh! I hope I didn't break it!" Smiled sheepishly and shrugged and handed it back. Did NOT apologize or seem worried. I snapped this picture. Got a horrible sinking feeling in my stomach at the blurriness. The battery chose that moment to die (it doesn't give much warning), so I couldn't test it further. Just now, I charged it up, and... still freaking blurry. I can feel the lenses click as I zoom.

*sigh* This camera is not even nine months old. I am so careful with it. I could scream.

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