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The Kitten-Coaster

Happy: Getting two precious little kittens!
Happiness Squashed: Angry apartment manager at the fact we'd gotten them prior to signing the pet agreement (despite the fact they were gifts and we went over immediately to sign, and despite the fact we'd offered repeatedly to sign at the beginning and were told not to do so until we were ready to get our cat).
Happy: Getting word that the pet agreement was ready to be signed!
Happiness Squashed: Furious apartment manager finding out we had two instead of one (even though she herself had said two would be no different than one).
Happy: Writing a well-thought-out letter with our point of view and apologies; having it take over a week before getting any word, which gave us lots of hope!
Happiness Squashed: Receiving a fax stating we absolutely had to get rid of one precious little kitten.
Happy: Writing a second well-thought-out letter with the full story, and then receiving a voice mail saying the situation was being reconsidered. Hope! Hope!
Happiness SquashedStomped Upon: Three hours later, upon receiving a phone call saying nevermind, absolutely not, get rid of the second kitten.
Happy (Sort Of): Writing a third well-thought-out letter pleading our case, and also stating that moving out was a better option for us if that's the way we would have to go; not sending third well-thought-out letter because...
Extreme Happiness: Getting a phone call, followed by a revised pet agreement, stating that we are able to keep both kittens!!

One hell of an emotional roller coaster. We are now the proud owners of a book on California tenant rights, with which we were researching the process of eviction, should it have come to that. Good grief! I mean, Gen and I are the girls who bring our recycling to the recycling center because there is no neighborhood pick-up here. We are not the girls who ever in our lives thought we may possibly be facing eviction! Over a kitten!

I'm really, really glad it didn't have to come to that. I don't want to be those tenants. I want to live peacefully and quietly and drama-free. We have our cats--both of them--and we're very happy.

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