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Go, Midas, Go... AWAY!

What did I do yesterday?

I spent five hours in thinly-padded waiting area chairs at Midas.

I read all of The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, two People Magazines, and an article on Natalie Portman in a magazine I'd never heard of before. I talked to two friends on the phone, and left messages for three others. I didn't eat anything until almost 4pm, by which point I was ravenous.

My brake pads and rotors, along with my right front wheel bearing, have been replaced. All were badly in need of replacing. I'm also proud of myself for not accepting his initial $985 estimate, and getting him to reduce it to $631. Still painful, but more in the range I was expecting. That said, what does it say that he was able to knock off three hundred and fifty dollars from the original price? Yeah.

However, my car is sporting a newly broken bit. It now makes a cluh-clunk sound whenever I turn. It scares me a bit. Is it safe to drive? This was not happening Friday, or even yesterday morning. Although the Midas guy tried to tell me I must listen to my music too loud to have heard it before, and said it clearly has absolutely nothing to do with the work that was done on the car today. Believe you me, that clunk is not to be drowned out by the volume at which I listen to my "Wicked" soundtrack or NPR (which isn't at any sort of ear-splitting decible, that's for sure). He wants to see my car back again this week to "figure out what's causing it." A) I don't trust him. B) Will I have to pay for the repair on a clunk that seems to be a direct result of work done to my car? I better not! $631 was plenty, thankyouverymuch!

Grr. On a happier note, had dinner and saw Mr. & Mrs. Smith (surprisingly far more enjoyable than I'd anticipated) with Roni. And even though we forgot to get our parking validated, the lady didn't make us pay! Whee!

Today, I'm thinking of going with Roni to brunch down in West Hollywood, to meet up with some people she knows. I need to know more people. Heh. It's Pride, so WeHo will be crowded!, but I think it'll be fun.

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