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Visitors of the College Roommate variety

My dear, dear friends Aarti and Sarah are visiting for a few days. It's been glorious having them here, like old times.

They arrived Thursday night, and all we had time for before crashing was dinner at El Torrito. I had to work on Friday, but they went on the Warner Bros. Studio Tour, and then tooled around town with a friend of Aarti's family's before picking me up from work in time for dinner at a Chinese restaurant.

I worked again on Saturday while Sarah and Aarti did Hollywood, and then we had lunch at Palermo and drove down to Long Beach to meet Sarah's friend. We all walked along the pier, had dinner, played in the arcade, and walked along the pier some more before heading home.

Yesterday, Sunday, was spent first having all-you-can-eat sushi, as is our tradition with out-of-town guests. We then headed down to Venice to walk along the boardwalk (and I finally saw the "muscle" part of Muscle Beach... ew!). We strolled back up Abbot Kinney on our way to the car, and went to Santa Monica. We went to the pier there, wandered down the promenade, and saw Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, which was surprisingly Very Good.

Today is Aarti's birthday (quarter of a century!), so I'm about to make chocolate chip pancakes. We have plans to go down to Santee Alley, and then to the Los Angeles Opera (I think for Falstaff) tonight. Tomorrow is Disneyland, yippee! And then Wednesday, they leave. *sniff*

All in all, it's Very Much Fun having them here. Hee.

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