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Oh, sad, sad day. I'm afraid a dear friend is nearing its end. This friend has kept me company (and awake!) through MANY a class, has amused me countless times, and has kept me from forgetting important things... *sniff* That's right, my *NSYNC watch seems to have died. You see, last night at 9:00, my alarm went off as usual to remind me to take my pill. The song was coming from my suitcase, because I hadn't been wearing the watch since I had gone to church (not really church-appropriate), and when I went to turn the alarm off, it had stopped on its own. No biggie.

Then this morning, I fished it out to put it on, and saw that the alarm was not set (didn't notice the time, but now that I think about it, it still said 9:00). So I tried to set it. The *NSYNC that comes swirling in kept interrupting my alarm-setting, which was strange. Then the song played once, I stopped it, and the clock turned to 12:00 and now the buttons don't work at all. =( I'm HOPING it's the battery, but the face still reads 12:00, so how could it be? Ahhhh!!! I've only had it since October. It's too young to die! *sob* =( I'm very sad. Very sad indeed.


Awww... Kate. Must be the battery, no matter what. Don't lose faith! You'll have your *NSYNC watch for another while.

*pets her own *NSYNC watch*

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