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Well, I'm back at school. Spring break is over. Sadness. I didn't get a thing done. Woops. I worked 45 hours, though, and came back down here this morning only to work another 8.

I worked the IHSA State Drill Team Competition today. It was actually very entertaining, aside from having to stand from 2:00-10:00. My feet are going to fall off. But the show was fun! I only worked the second half of the day (it started at 6:30... eeep!) and I got "Space Cowboy" four times (cowboy routines were *very* popular), "Giddy Up" once, "Pop" once (as the whole routine, not just a segment of a longer one, so that was cool), "One Song, Glory" from Rent (my favorite Rent song), a Harry Potter soundtrack routine... what else was cool? Oh, "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend" (the medley with Material Girl in the middle) was used SIX times. I was going to scream. Lol. They all had similar outfits for it, too. I kept telling the guy I was working with when the songs were *NSYNC songs, and he was like "Dude, girl, you know too much." Ha ha ha ha ha. If he only knew. ALL I was telling him was "Oh, this is *NSYNC" and "this is *NSYNC too!" (of course I did it within like the first two notes...)

Okay, I'm exhausted and I'm having five people crash at my place tonight. It started as one, then she asked if she could bring her friends, and by the time I got down to school, two other friends of mine had talked to my roommate (not me) and I learnd that they, too, were staying here. All I want to do is go to bed... oh well. I suppose I will try to wake up and play Good Little Hostess. <.g>

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