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All About Eve
Hi! I didn't think anyone would be interested enough to come in here. ^^ So thank you for proving me wrong!

I'm twenty-two; I live in the United States, in the Midwest. I graduated college recently, with a degree in theatrical performance and costume design, and I hope I'll be able to get a steady job--or at least a steady stream of jobs--in the field and not end up flipping burgers. No offense to any McDonalds employees who may be reading this--I love McDonalds' food, but I'd rather go there on my lunch breaks from acting or costuming if it's all the same. ^~ I love anime and manga, I read mostly fantasy, and I enjoy roleplaying online. I draw and write decently, I think, though I never seem to finish the stories I start before I lose confidence in them. ^^; Ah well. I'm pretty boring really, so I'll just stop here until and unless I think of other interesting things to share. Ja, matashita!
Blue Roses
Wandering Aimlessly

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