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March 16, 2011

Ridin' Waves

A few Sundays ago, Steve and I were up and out of the house by 6:15am--brutal for a Sunday!--to go to Seal Beach (waaaaaaay south of where we live, hence the early morning) with Caitlin. They went surfing. I sat on the beach, shivering in my t-shirt, sweater, hooded sweatshirt, two pairs of pants, winter boots, and blanket, taking pictures and reading my Kindle.

Go Steve, go!
See below for the entire sequence!

The cast of characters was every bit as eccentric as I'd expect a group of surfers to be. They were all very nice and welcoming and SO knowledgeable about the water and surfing. Steve had a great time and caught enough waves to make the early morning more than worthwhile. *g*

They survived!

We followed it up with buffalo chicken pizza and a soak in the hot tub.

It was actually beautiful out, and a very nice way to spend a morning!

Click the link ↓ for more surfing pictures. :D


Go Steve, go!

Lookin' good.

Yep, he's got this.

Note the tongue! :)

Almost done...

Uh oh...

...and down.


Here she goes.

She's up

Ride that wave.


Can she make it?



March 05, 2011

Au Revoir, Poisson!

Still up to our earlobes in wedding planning. All good, and I'm trying not to get overwhelmed by it. Aside from a fantastic wedding and, you know, being married, the reward for all these months of stress? The honeymoon!

We're going to France!

I'm super-duper excited. The plan is Paris and Nice, with a day trip to Giverny for sure, and maybe another to Monaco. Neither of us has ever been to France. Neither of us speaks French!

Our solution? Rosetta Stone. So far, it's very good. We've just gotten through the first lesson, which is made up of a bunch of smaller lesson-ettes.

I know about fifteen words: eat, drink, cook, run, walk, drive, swim, read, write, boy, girl, man, woman, cat, dog, horse, fish. (Okay, that's 17. Doing better than I thought!!)

Using my newly acquired language skills (and some mediocre digital painting skills), I made my Very Own French Comic. (Please excuse any grammar or spelling errors... like I said, we only completed Lesson One...)


Steve and I have been walking around for the last several days, randomly saying "Le poisson nage." "Le poisson ne nage pas!"

I know you're jealous of how cool we are.