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September 08, 2009

Doesn't get better than a three-day weekend

1 internet search (non-professional diagnosis for the win!) +
2 trips to the appliance store (thanks, Jim's Appliances!) +
3 repair amateurs (Go Team Kate/Gen/Steve!) +
4 hours (give or take) +
$46 in parts (I can only imagine what a repairman would've cost) =

One Fixed Washing Machine. YAY! I'm still proud of us. :D

Fix that machine! Washing machine fixin'

Also accomplished in the Weekend of Productivity:
* Bedroom chandelier raised so certain people no longer run into it with their face.
* New bed frame purchased, painted, and put together.
* Bedroom rearranged.


The new bed!
I don't know if you can tell in the picture, but the bed is almost waist-high, and I have long legs. Also, pretend those pictures are centered. They were once, and will be again.

There were also trips to the grocery store made, meals cooked, shopping accomplished, movies watched, dogs exercised, and fun had. A successful Labor Day weekend if I do say so myself!