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March 20, 2004

Well, it's actually happening.

I've been a slacker in the updating department. Again. I can't even remember as far back as my last post. Meep!

Last weekend I went to see Secret Window with T. It was good. Creepy! I don't think I could see it again, but I enjoyed it. That was Friday. I think I did something on Saturday, too, other than just work. Yeah, I've got no idea.

The week was relatively uneventful as well. Oh! I let the cat out of the bag at work. My plans and I are out of the closet. I am going to California, and now they know. It's official. I talked to HR about transferring, and I talked to The Boss and The Manager about it all. I feel good about it. I'm glad I don't have to keep it all bottled up inside anymore, and I can start figuring things out for real. If I'm going to stay in the same kind of position, I need some licensing to work in CA. Life & Disability, and Securities and Annuities. Some exams to take, some licenses and certificates to get. Sounds heavy-duty and a bit frightening, but maybe more challenging. I don't know. I'm playing it by ear for the moment.

Saw Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind last night. I adored it. Loveloveloved it. My dad was not as enthralled, but Mom and I thought it was the bee's knees. One of those makes-you-think movies. One where there are so many things to notice and ponder that you're going over it in your head hours later. I might even want to see it again.




Man, I am so incredibly excited about that. So, so, SO excited! Solo!Club!Tour! Wheeee!!



Today was the N'ville Art League silent art auction. It was a loooooooong day at work. I left the house at 7 am, and got home again just before 9. And I they let us leave early. But the auction was fun. There was one picture I really liked, but it shot up to over $200 pretty quickly. That was a bit expensive for me.

Now, I am exhausted. Totally and completely. I'm so about to crash. I think I'll go to bed now, even though it's not quite 10 pm on a Saturday. I think the word is that the cousins are in visiting tomorrow, so it'll be another one of those busy days. So, yes. Sleep is good.

March 08, 2004

*Wide Awake*

I had a grande skim vanilla latte at 4:30 this afternoon. I am WIDE awake. I really wish I could go to sleep... Boy oh boy. Let this be a lesson, y'all. Only decaf after noon.

To amuse myself, I've been playing around with this website. Too much fun, yo.

I also made some Lord of the Rings-themed ones. *laugh* Amusing myself after midnight. It's a scary thing.

For those, I had to make their ears pointy and shorten their hair and make their curls bigger. Can we say too much time on my hands? Yes, I think we can.

March 07, 2004

Lazy WINDY Sunday

Boy is it windy out. I know Chicago is the Windy City and all, but man.

I'm still in my pajamas. Every so often, it's nice to have a lazy day.

Once again, not much exciting since my last post. Long week of work, but it culminated in a rather successful Saturday. Whew.

Friday night, I went to see Hidalgo with the fam. Jess, a self-proclaimed Horse Person, really wanted to see it. I was not as enthused, and didn't set out to see it on opening night, but I'm so glad I did! The audience was SO involved and enthusiastic. It was a very good movie. I laughed, I gasped, I cried, I cringed, I cheered... whenever the audience claps as the credits roll, you know it's a good movie. Enjoyed it muchly.

The fam and I went to dinner at Wildfire on Saturday. Oh my gosh, I ate so much. We got there at 5, and there was already an hour and a half wait. We started in the bar with a Martini Flight to share (four mini-martinis -- Chicago Blue, Cosmopolitan, Apple something-or-other, and raspberry something-or-other. I think the apple was my favorite) and spinach and artichoke fondue. Yum. When we were seated, we had the Wildfire Chop Salad (best. salad. EVER.), and then I got the steak trio, which is three mini filets with different "crusts" on them. I have two left over for dinner tonight. And THEN, we had dessert. I got some berry thing with crumbled oatmeal cookies and ice cream. YUM. I was so stuffed. It was our Goodbye to Jessica dinner, as her spring break is over and she headed back to school today.

Afterwards, it was Game Night at Tammy's house. Lots of fun! We played Cranium and Trivial Pursuit and made S'mores in her fireplace. It's so good to hang out with Tammers. I miss ya, girl! I'll have to take advantage of her three weeks in Chicagoland while she trains for her job. ;)

And that brings us to today. Lazy day of watching The Fellowship of the Ring with cast commentary again. Love this. I should probably watch it again without the commentary, because they talk over the lines. I think I'll finish reading the book, though. It'll be cooler that way. I'm already noticing differences, but I'm only halfway through the book.

I had to take a break in the middle of the movie for the Illini vs. OSU Buckeyes game. It was the game to clinch the Big Ten regular-season title. If Illinois lost, they'd share it; if they won, they'd hold it alone for the first time since 1952. There was a time that Illinois had a 17 point lead, but it came down to six seconds, a one-point lead, and two fouls. A true nail-biter if I ever did see one. My gosh. The last foul was not called, and the clock ran out with Ohio having possession of the ball and Illinois grasping to their one-point lead. 64-63 Illini, and they are Big Ten Champs! WHOOO! If only the Big Ten Tournament was in Chicago again this year... *sniff*

The final thing I have to share is an ad found on Craigslist, posted on a friend's blog. BWAHAHAHA! So funny I had to post it here.


This is the shittiest cat you could ever be cursed with. He's an indeterminate age, but acts like the rowdiest teenager you could ever have. Hates being petted, will scratch furniture and will fuck up your carpet with his claws, will get and stay underfoot while you are trying to get shit done. Not scared of the vacuum.

Will not play with any toys you buy him, so don't bother. Will not use scratching post. One pristine condition scratching post comes with, no extra charge.

Four lifetime supplies of catnip, which he will not touch, no extra charge.

Crappy attitude and extra shedding ability included free.

Get him out of my house before I kill him. This cat sucks, and I want him gone. Come on, cat lovers, you know you want him. You can CHANGE him. Sure. Just get him out of my house.

Oh, he's black with green eyes, medium size, and he fucking SUCKS.

The poor guy tried everything! Toys, catnip, a scratching post... I am planning on getting a cat (or two) when I move, but I think I'll take a pass on that one. Ahahahaha. ;)

March 02, 2004

Back in Business!

Wow. It's good to be back!

I've been a busy little beaver lately.

Saturday I went skiing at Devil's Head in Wisconsin. Aarti and I got there about 10, but we didn't actually do anything until noon, when our class started. We met up with T and her friend Jess, and started learning to ski.

The class was a bit slow-moving, but good. I practically yanked my arm out of the socket on the tow rope, but I learned to snow plow and do the matador and do turns. Then we mastered the lift (and the best part? Aarti and I didn't buy lift passes.... we bought tow rope passes, which were $15 as opposed to $40, and looked *exactly* like lift passes save for the red "R" on them. No one questioned us). We tried the Green hill, and did pretty well at it after a few times down. Then, T's husband talked us into the blue hill.

So. It was all good at first. And then we rounded the curve, and WOWEE. Practically straight down. We started going this way and that way, weaving across the entire path as to make the angle less severe, but I really didn't have nearly enough control for that. I ended up giving up and just FLYING down at about three thousand miles per hour. It was like, hold on for dear life and stay on your feet! But I did it. More than once. And I didn't even fall! Go me.

I came home, though, and was so completely sore I couldn't move, let alone climb the stairs. I ended up taking a bath in the jacuzzi bathtub, which helped some. Then I zonked out on the futon at about 9 pm. Heh.

Sunday was the Oscars. Wheee! I love the Oscars. I do. Serious love for the Academy Awards. Had a bit of a partay, which was good fun. Nice group of people, I think. Yeah? We had themed food, like Master and Commander Pacific Deep Sea Punch and Lord of the Rings Pretzel Rings. One for each movie. And then Meghan brought A Mighty Wind chili dip, which... ahahahaha! Yummy, too. Here are the little cards I made to go by the food.

Lord of the Rings: Return of the King totally swept. Eleven of eleven, baby! Man, I'm so glad I was enlightened to those movies this year, because otherwise, I'd have been pissed. As it is, I realize what a masterpiece they were, and I think they deserved every one. Although I would have liked Seabiscuit to have won something (*wink*, Jamie).

Monday, I hung out with Karey. She's in town from Connecticut this week. I picked her up at Shelley's and Karey, Jess and I went to Woodfield to make Build a Bears. I made a Dominic Bear! (That second picture is of Dominic Bear with JC Bear... they're pals! They'resocute!)

After BAB, we ate at John's Garage, browsed the mall a bit, hit a used CD store (where I got some GREAT finds... Train, Five for Fighting, Lion King on Broadway, Nsync Christmas, and Cutting Edge on DVD...), ate at Sweet Tomatoes, and took Karey to her swank hotel downtown.

Good times.

So, that's about it lately. Back to the grind, I guess.

I'm so glad my blog is back!

::hugs blog tight::