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September 29, 2002

Well, *somebody's* getting lucky

Have I mentioned our little friends upstairs of us? Probably half a dozen times in the last week or so, we've heard this nice little "Squeak. Squeak. Squeak. Squeak-squeak-squeak." Um. The first time it happened was when Jennie was visiting. We were all in our respective beds/couches when it started. I didn't think Shelley was probably getting busy in her bed alone (and told her as much), so I knocked to ask if she heard it, too. She did. So did Jennie. That brought on lots and lots of giggles.

It was funny once, but it happens a LOT. I am so ready to purchase a new bed for them. Or an oil can to fix the squeakage on the one they have. It happens, at like, ten in the morning, too! Ahhhh!!

I am completely disturbed by the porny goings-on of our upstairs neighbors.

September 28, 2002

Muck Fichigan

Okay, not really. But those are the t-shirts everyone was wearing today. <.giggle> They beat our asses BAD today. <.sigh> And I'm still bitter that U-Mich wanted to charge me up the arse to go there for school. Because, really, I was *thisclose* to going. And my best friend did go. So it would have been so sweet to beat them. But, alas, the team with the best offense in the Big Ten has ZERO defense. And defense is important, yo. So the Blue trampled the Illini. Ah well. It was my parents' last Illinois football game, which was very sad for my father. We enjoyed it just the same.

Last night I ushered Steven Curtis Chapman. I had never heard of him before, but I enjoyed it. I'm not terribly churchy, so the preachiness got a little long-winded (the concert was four hours long, man! Four hours!) to me, but the music was excellent. One of the highlights was the band putting down their instruments and crowding around the mic with Steven. Steven announced "they not only play instruments, but they sing as well. I didn't say they sing well -- but they sing as well." The group sang an a capella version of one of Steven's songs! It was way cool. And no, they might not have been singers, but they sounded good. And I die for a capella.

The coolest part of the evening had to be the second-half "program" on the Auca Indians of Equador. There was this whole video music thing on the story of these five missionaries who were murdered by the Auca, and then Steve (not to be confused with Steven), the son of one of the murdered missionaries, came out to tell us the rest of the story. It basically ended in his going back to live with the Auca (who are no longer called the Auca, but I can't remember their current name) and his family being adopted into the tribe as well as by the man they now call Grandfather -- the man who brutally murdered Steve's own father half a century ago. After that, Grandfather himself came out and told more of the story in "his talk," which Steve translated for us. THEN Steven sang a song he'd written about it all, and Grandfather sang it as a duet in his language. VERY cool.

Oh, and the keyboardist bounces. Like, JC-style bouncing. Energy. Lots of energy, and a Superman shirt. He was cracking me up.

Last night was My Big Fat Greek Wedding, still as great the third time around, and tonight was Lilo and Stitch for $2 by the Illini Union Board. As cute the second time around. <.g> Happy Kate!

September 27, 2002

American Idol

I've never seen the show. I kind of wish I had, because now maybe things would make more sense. I have nothing against Kelly or Justin, and I, in fact, kind of like them. On principle, because I haven't really seen them/heard them sing. But I just saw a commercial for Kelly's Driven. Can someone please explain to me the concept of Driven again? Isn't it a look back on how successful artists got to where they are, up until they "made it big"? I guess while you're at it, you might want to explain to me the concept of American Idol. I didn't realize that, at this point, she'd "made it big." I thought she just got a record deal out of it, or something. This seems to me to be a starting point for her. From here, she can "make it big." Right? Something in this equation just isn't adding up to me...

September 26, 2002


Okay. Now that I can breathe again, DUDE. This better be true, because it would be far too cruel a joke if it's not. FAR too cruel a joke. Because, yes. I'm thinking jazz clubs. I'm thinking beautiful, beautiful voices singing jazzy songs, and that kind of melts me. Because Seal-esque! Seal was one of the first CDs I purchased. I am ALL OVER this.

(stolen from chicksrus)

16.09.02 - JC Goes Solo.
We have news reporting that Tony Lucca heard from a person at Sony Canada that JC is going solo and is releasing an album. No further information has been mentioned except that the first solo single will be heard for the first time on JC's new project, OnlyArtist.com.

On Tony Luccas official street team they said this:
"I'm a bit out of the loop when it comes to *N Sync stuff lately...but I was talking to the A&R guy at Sony Music Canada and he was telling me that JC is releasing a solo album. It's going to be along the lines of Seal and I think he was saying Seal's band is playing on the album. He also said that the first single will be available for download on onlyartist.com (hence why JC was wearing that ridiculous t-shirt). That site got over 9 million hits after the awards were aired. I don't know when the single will be released or the album....but it's coming and I'm guessing it will be good...JC is one talented guy!"

The JC/Tony song, "The Other Side"

Guitar intro

Loves in the distance
Reach for resistance
Hoping to find
Lying together
Now and Forever
Moments in time
Seems to me cause it's strange what a fool
is like (I am me) in my mind
And I touched you for the first time
It's like I held you so close to me
the other night, you never (sighed)
Whoa, Whoa baby I wish we were meant to be
In another life you were never (sad)


I can remember
Quiet surrender
(a line I can't make out because people in the crowd were talking)
Everything seems to go on time and space
Sharing our dreams is the life I deserve to have
and I knew I'd find
and I touched you for the first time
It's like I held you close to me
the other night, you never (sighed)
Whoa, Whoa Baby I wish we were meant to be
in another life you were never (sad)

Then Tony and JC sing together, 2 lines which I can't for the life of me make out. The there's more guitar from Tony

Sharing our dreams is the life I deserve to have
and I knew I'd find
and I touched you for the first time
It's like I held you so close to me
the other night, you never (sighed)
Whoa, Whoa Baby I wish we were meant to be
in another life you were never (sad)

It's like I held you so close to me
the other night, you never (sighed)
Whoa, Whoa baby I wish we were meant to be
in another life you were never (sad)

Did I mention that I'm melting over this? Like, serious meltage. This is WAY better than the rumor that JC's been dabbling in electronica. I have not yet deemed myself a fan of electronica. I'm sure JC could go a long way in making me one, but I would much, MUCH prefer him to do this type of thing. Because he makes music based completely on my musical preferences... yeah. I sooo can't wait! Eeeeee!

Where Were You When

John F. Kennedy was shot? (Nov. 22, 1963)
Negative-a-lot-of-years. My parents were in junior high.

Man landed on the moon? (July 20, 1969)
Well, my dad was in college by then... still hadn't met my mom.

Chris Kirkpatrick was born? (October 17, 1971)
We're within a decade of my birth. Getting closer...

America celebrated its Bicentennial? (July 4, 1976)
My parents had celebrated their first anniversary about a month earlier. I still wasn't around.

JC Chasez was born? (August 8, 1976)
Not quite yet...

Joey Fatone was born? (January 28, 1977)
I think my parents had bought our house by then.

Elvis died? (August 17, 1977)
Yeah, my parents were still in the "settling-into-jobs-before-children" stage of their lives.

Lance Bass was born? (May 4, 1979)
I'm feeling REALLY young about now.

Justin Timberlake was born? (January 31, 1981)
Yes! I am girl, hear me roar! I was just over two months old. <.giggle>

Challenger exploded? (January 28, 1986)
I was in kindergarten, had turned five about two months earlier. We did not watch it in school, my parents did not let me see it on the news. My friend Katie told me about it later, and told me a school teacher had died, and I went home and asked my mom, somewhat panicked because she was a school teacher.

The stock market dropped 508.32 points (Black Monday)? (October 19, 1987)
I was in second grade, I believe. I have no memory of this. I think I was too young at age six to be involved in the economy.

The Federal Building in Oklahoma City was bombed? (April 19, 1995)
I was a freshman in high school. I don't remember the event itself specifically, only seeing it on the news over and over afterwards.

Princess Diana died in a car accident? (August 30, 1997)
I had just started my junior year in high school. I got online sometime before midnight to wish my friend Elaina, who was in the Eastern time zone a happy sixteenth birthday, and my AOL opening screen was Princess Di. A few friends and I chatted about it well into the morning hours.

*NSYNC first appeared on MTV? (April 15, 1998)
Not an *NSYNC fan yet, I'll tell ya that. Um, I was a month or so away from graduating high school. Still deciding whether to go to Michigan or Illinois for college. Actually, I was quite possibly in Vancouver that week with two friends chasing the X-Files and attending the Cure is Out There Cancer Benefit. Meeting Nick Lea and Gillian. *g* I can't remember exactly when that was, but it was mid-April.

Students and teachers were shot in Columbine HS, Littleton, Colorado? (April 20, 1999)
Sitting in my dorm room with Kelly freshman year, in shock. My cousin lives near Littleton, so I was freaked out (she did not go to Columbine, I soon found out).

America was attacked? (September 11, 2001)
I was just starting my first senior year in college, drying my hair when Sarah ran downstairs and changed my channel from MTV to NBC. We moved from "an awful air traffic control mistake" to "oh my god, what is happening?" as the second plane crashed minutes later.

September 25, 2002

I'm alive.... but barely

I take the fact that the Making the Video of "Like I Love You" is on now to be a good-luck omen for my exam at 9. What do the two have to do with each other? Absolutely nothing, aside from the fact I'm terrified of the exam and desperate for a sign that I'll do well, and I like the LILY video. So, yeah.

Can we say Hell Week? Ack. My life will regain some semblance of reality, oh, sometime next week. Probably Friday. Between now and then, I have to work Steven Curtis Chapman, my parents are coming down, I have to possibly work the Lipizanner Stallions, I have to go to ISU for the Disney meeting, I have to meet with Amie, and I have two midterm exams. That's directly following the two quizzes, one exam and three papers I had/have due this week. And. I need to find a J-O-B. Ten weeks left! Ahhhh!!

September 19, 2002

Some-dreams is back, alright!

Woohoo! s-d is back!

It's been a LONG week. Really, really long. I spent three days at the career fair, got my graduation picture taken, went to a company presentation, met with Amie, went to class... I feel like I haven't had a break in ages.

So, the career fair. It was enormously painful to endure, but I'm glad I went. The company presentation Monday night was for a consulting firm that was also at the career fair on Tuesday. I decided to talk to them. Boy, did I pick the right guy to talk to! He's fascinated by psychology. I'm a psych major. Score. We talked at length about how to incorporate psychological theories and methods into the business world. Then we chatted about the job in general. There's a lot of traveling. You basically spend 6-8 months with a company, wherever that company may be, commuting between there and home on weekends. You may, however, choose to put your going-home travel allowance towards going to, say, NYC for the weekend, instead. Anyway. Tennessee was brought up, and I mentioned that it's a beautiful state to drive through, since I'd just recently done just that on my trip home from Florida. Mr. Consulting Firm Guy LOVES Walt Disney World. He goes twice a year with his family. He asked me where I'd worked, and when I told him, he said he'd spent an entire day in the arcade at Toy Story Pizza Planet last time he was at WDW! Score two! I ended up talking to him for over a half hour, and he gave me a "we like your style" card that means I'm preselected for an interview. Woohoo!! I'm not going to get my hopes up too high, but that's a step in the right direction, at least. At least the job market is looking a little less like a desert.

There were a few other companies I really liked. One of them I have to research a bit more, because I was so caught up in the gorgeousness of the recuiter (he had the most beautiful eyes!) that I forgot to pay a whole lot of attention to what the company does. Woops! <.giggle> There was a media company that looks like pretty much exactly what I wanted to do, so I'll have to follow up with that, and an HR firm that's big in Florida, which is another option. So. There are a LOT of people looking for jobs and all of these companies are hiring just a small handfull of people, so we'll see. For companies that were at the CBA Career Fair (which this was), it might be to my definite disadvantage to not have a business-related degree. Lol. But we'll see.

The other good news is that no one seems to be hiring until summer. Why is this good news, you might ask? Wouldn't it be advantageous for me to have a job fairly close to graduation? Well, not starting until summer would give me time to either A) Go back to Disney if I get the Advanced Internship, B) travel somewhere (with what money, I don't know), or C) sit on my lazy butt and relax a bit. Get a part-time job that's purely a money-making type thing. Enjoy my last few months of freedom. <.shrug> Sounds nice to me!

And that's pretty much what's been going on around here. Oh, I have a possibly future kitty! My aunt is going to keep her until I can take her, if I can take her. Her (we think she's a girl... to early to tell for sure) name is Kaycee, because we've been calling her Kitty Cat. She's the sweetest little thang you ever did see!

What else? I have loads of work for Monday. Tomorrow I'm getting together with my 383 group to work on our transcript. Saturday I'm going to the football game with Meg, and then Shelley's friend is coming to visit. On Monday I have a quiz in 333, which I need to do the readings for. On Tuesday I have a quiz in narrative writing, which I need to do the readings for. My 383 transcript is also do. On Wednesday I have an exam in 354, which I need to do the readings for. I also have Research Paper II due in 333, which I have not STARTED. Have not even THOUGHT about. Ack!!!

On that note, I need to get rolling on this schoolwork, which has gotten pushed back in favor of all the career fair happenings. Ugh.

September 15, 2002

Weekend Blather

There's something really cool about listening to music in other languages. I often get wrapped up in the music and forget to listen to the words when the songs are in English, and having them sung in a language I don't understand kind of takes away that layer of needing to pay attention to what they're saying and lets me just get the feel of the song. I like that. Random musing for the day.

I've been home this weekend, which was really good. Shelley and I started off by stopping by my godmother's house to visit the kittens. It was really good to see Aunt Joanne again, and she has the cutest little country house! The kittens were absolutely adorable. The big ones ran away when we came out, but the tiniest one stayed put and mewed silently at me. It (don't know if it's a boy-kitty or a girl-kitty) let me pet it before it scurried off to find its brothers and sisters. Aunt Joanne said that as soon as we left, the momma came back to feed the kitties, and they were romping and playing, which is what my aunt wanted us to see. Ah well. Timing. =) I guess, though, on Saturday, after they spent the afternoon all snoozing in a pile in the box, Momma and three of the kitties left. Sadness! The tiniest one was still there, and it was scared, so they brought it into the house and are feeding it. Momma hasn't come back all weekend. Poor little thing. =( It needs a home. I've been trying to talk my parents into taking it until I move out, at which point I'd take it with me. I even came up with a cute (if not a little silly) name for it. Heehee.

Yesterday, my mom took me on a belated-back-to-school-shopping trip. Whee! I got much-needed jeans and a couple of new shirts. Oh, and a pair of black pants to usher in. Quite a productive day it was. And we went to Trader Joe's, which I totally love, and stocked up on tasty food. Then last night, Mom, Dad and I went to see Simone. Mom realized that, now that she's getting her Master's, she's a student again! She forgot until after we had the tickets, though. So she'll never have to pay full-price at the movies again. <.g>

And that, for the most part, was that. I made a mix CD, which I'm really liking. The whole reason I made the CD was so that I could have Like I Love You for the car, but it turned into quite a project, with much downloading from Kazaa. Darn thing took me two evenings to finish! But now it's done, and I have new happy music to listen to.

Back to school this afternoon... back to the grind. Much homework to do tonight. Woo. hoo.

September 11, 2002

One Year Ago Today

I wasn't blogging yet this time last year, and even though I remember it so vividly I don't think I could ever forget, this is something I want to have.

The day started out like any other Tuesday had that semester: I got up, skimmed the rest of the reading for my Speech Com 213, Persuasion and the Arts class. I took a shower and went back into my room to dry my hair. I had MTV on. In the middle of drying my hair, Sarah came flying down the stairs and into my room saying "Oh my gosh, I just heard on the radio that a plane just ran into the World Trade Center! Can I turn on the Today Show to see if they're talking about it?"

We stood and watched in disbelief as they replayed the plan crashing into the side of the building over, and over, and over. It was an air traffic control mistake. A horrible, awful mistake. As Katie Couric and Matt Lauer and Sarah and I tried to make sense of it all, it happened again. A second plane struck the other tower of the World Trade Center. It was slowly dawning on us that this couldn't be a mistake. It wasn't possible for TWO planes to be so off their course they ran into a building -- the same building -- twice in a span of only a few minutes.

Disbelief and a lot of questions followed. Some of those questions were whether or not to go to class, because the events happened less than a half-hour before I was supposed to be sitting in Room 130 in Lincoln Hall. I borrowed Shelley's Walkman to listen to the radio as I walked numbly to the quad. The strangest part of it all was that more than half of the people out at that time had no idea. No idea at all that our country was under some kind of attack.

Shock was on the faces of the few students who had arrived before me, as we all asked each other if you'd heard, what you thought was happening. Students began arriving who hadn't had their television or radio on before class, and we solemnly updated them. By the time Professor Hayes showed up, the class was quiet. He said a few words about what had happened, and then told us that the department was not cancelling classes. We watched Sex and the City in class that day.

By the time I was walking home, headphones firmly clamped over my ears, there were fires at the Pentagon and one of the towers had collapsed. Another plane had gone down in Pennsylvania. Back at 711 Elm, my roommates were glued to the television. I joined them. We spend most of the afternoon there, watching in horror as the second tower collapsed, as news commentators replayed it all over and over and over. I went to Advertising 281 that afternoon, since the University had not officially cancelled any classes, and Professor Hall sent us home. Back to the television.

In the days that followed, I must have seen the events happen hundreds, if not thousands, of times. No one had new information. The University still did not officially cancel classes, saying that if we stopped our lives, they won. Even though Beckman Institute, home to one of the world's most powerful supercomputers, was locked down and under military guard. It is on the list of the country's likely targets for terrorism or nuclear attack. We discussed the events at length in my Children and the Media class, going over how a child would react to seeing something like that on television. We jumped right into the crisis management section, covered how corporations such as the Walt Disney Corporation handled things, in my Public Relations course. I missed Mental Retardation, one of the only times I skipped a class, to attend a memorial ceremony at Kranert Center for the Performing Arts.

It was a powerful day, week, month, year. A lot of things changed and a lot of things stayed the same. Perhaps innocense was lost. I had been to both New York City and Washington, D.C. within a year prior to last September. Pictures taken from the Statue of Liberty, taken in April of 2001, have my mom, dad and myself grinning against the backdrop of the New York City skyline, the Twin Towers standing tall behind us. We never thought those pictures would have any more significance than the memory of a weekend trip to NYC to see my sister's choir sing at Carnegie Hall.

And now I'm watching this memorial service and living through it again. My thoughts are with the families of the victims. I'm lucky enough not to know anyone directly affected, but today will definitely be a day filled with remembering and reflecting.

September 10, 2002

Inner Diva

Who's Your Inner Music Industry Diva? Find out @ She's Crafty

And again with the issues

Gratuitous Justin post.

Stupid Justin. Why does he do this to me? He used to be pretty solidly and consistently my #5. I love them all, but man, he'd piss me off sometimes. Is it possible for him to leap up to #2 so darn quickly? I haven't even seen the VMA Diary segment on him yet, and people keep telling me how they can list dozens of things they love about it, and the segment's only 10 minutes long. Gah! Why? It's so unfair. I don't need Justin issues. =/

Here's where I talk about Making the Video. Here's where you bale if you haven't seen it yet and don't want to be spoiled.

Pretty. He is pretty. Have I mentioned Justin issues? The boy can dance like no one should be allowed to. In fact, the whole video should be illegal. Because, yeah. It does bad things. It reminds me a bit of "Girlfriend" in parts. But with the dancing. Yum. The dancing. The dancing has turned me into an incoherent puddle of goo. I found it interesting that he has four male backup dancers throughout most of it ... so cute! Like he feels so comfortable dancing with four other guys that he had to keep that dynamic. Even if it's not the same four guys. =( Sad.

I think Justin has been hanging around JC too much, though, because, well, he's starting to ramble like JC. The difference, though, is that Justin sounds like he knows what he's talking about. JC rambles a lot, but when you listen to him, he usually makes at least a little sense. Just takes him a while to make a point. Justin, on the other hand, sounds like he's making sense, but if you listen to him, you end up going "wait, what?" At least that was my reaction to a lot of what he was yapping about on Making the Video. <.g>

September 08, 2002


I don't know why there are big huge gaps before this graphic shows up, but...

Which RENT character are you?


You're ROGER DAVIS, the antisocial guitarist with AIDS. Your former girlfriend committed suicide and now you don't want to let anyone in because you're afraid of emotional baggage and losing someone else. Even when the hottest girl ever shakes her booty at you, you feel reluctant to give in to a relationship. Nevertheless, you still search for that one last time that you can make a difference and find "your song."

Quiz created by Moo & Manda. Coded by Jeff.


What have I gotten done this weekend? Let's see. I went to the Career Center to see what they have to offer. I bought more books (still have one more to buy). I went to an orientation for eRecruiting, LAS's new system for signing up for interviews and the likes. I signed up for eRecruiting. I did another entry in my Daybook for writing class, and read the stories for Tuesday. I read the articles for my lab class for tomorrow, did mucho research for my paper, which is due Wednesday. Have to go to the library tomorrow (was on my list for today, but didn't seem to happen). I feel like I've been mildly productive. I also went to our opening meeting for my 290 Lab (Self-Esteem lab), which went WAY too long, but it was good. I even went to Bloomington to pick up Meghan's friend Ashleigh with Meg, and then got to go out to dinner with them last night.

I went to Barr to turn in our Move-In checklist and get put on the sublet list. This is just one more thing to add to my stress. Finding someone to sublet my apartment this spring so that I don't go broke is NOT a fun thing. If I'd known I could graduate in December before I'd signed the lease, I probably would have stayed in the dorms again this semester. I blame this on my advisor, who did NOT advise me correctly ever. She ended up kind of screwing me over more than once, so now I refuse to go see her. Not that I don't LOVE living with you, Shelley. I'm having an awesome time, I LOVE the apartment, and I'm having a much better semester than I'm sure I would have if I'd lived in the dorms, but it just seems like it would have been easier on everyone involved if I hadn't ended up in a lease for the whole year. <.sigh> I just don't have the money to stay on an extra semester, or to pay rent someplace I'm not living. Did that this summer. No fun. So. In addition to finding myself a JOB in the next 14 weeks, I also have to find someone to take over my rent. <.double sigh> And I HATE leaving Shelley like this (I really, really do), but money, and having a job, is the issue. Ugh. And I'll shut up now. You all don't need to hear about these issues. ha ha.

On a happier note, *NSYNC 'N Glasses is a very pretty sight indeed. =)

September 07, 2002

Who knew?

Who knew they sold wine in bars? Sports bars, even. On college campuses. And who knew wine could be one of the specials? For two dollars? Wheee!! Kate likes wine a little too much. And limes. Limes are good. Oo! And C, they gave me a cherry with TWO stems! I even ate the cherry. And tied the two stems. Happy me. =)

September 05, 2002

Guilty Pleasure

I am a total dork. I admit it freely. There is much evidence for said dorkiness, but the latest comes in the form of my most recent guilty pleasure: Crossroads. I love it. It's cheesy, predictable, and totally sappy and goofy, but I really just love that movie. Today I watched it again at Aarti's. Her roommate Amy came home when we were just starting it, and then Shefali and Brandon came in about 15 minutes later. The five of us sat glued to the television, making the occasional snide comment or little snort, but basically we were into the movie, man! Then, the best part. At the end of the DVD, there's this singalong, see. "I'm Not A Girl" and "Overprotected," kind of like karaoke. Well, we sang along. All of us. Even Brandon. We had our remote control/cordless phone/pen microphones out and we just sang our little hearts out. It was so much fun! And pretty hysterical, I'm sure. Amy and Shif want us to practice and take our act to Karaoke at White Horse. Lol. We'll see.

I bought a Britney notebook at Meijer today, too. I'm not sure why. Maybe I was feeling the Brit-Brit love after Crossroads. Maybe it was just pretty. <.shrug> Not her, so much, because her hair is kind of icky and she's wearing weird leather shorts, but the flowers behind her are very nice. <.g>

Other than that, my day was pretty ho-hum. I participated in a psych experiment, which was a lot of fun. I was in a group of three and we had to solve two puzzles. They gave us the letters A-J, and they each corresponded with a number 0-9. We had to make up equations (minimum of three letters, for example AG+D= or C+F+J=), and then the researcher would tell us the answer in a letter form, like AG+D=I or something. From that, we had to figure out what number each letter was, in ten trials or less. Talk about working out the brain! WHEW! We did well, though, I think. We figured out both codes, and had ten minutes to spare. She told us we had the hardest condition (some people only needed to use a minimum of 2 letters, some had no restrictions, and some were given what one letter was straight away), but we made it. Thanks, mostly, to a girl who had taken a number of logic classes. <.g> But we all pitched in. And we each get 5 points of extra credit, so woohoo!

American Idol

This whole American Idol craze is kind of curious to me. Am I the only one in the United States who has not only never seen the show, but doesn't really know what it's all about? I'm feeling a little left out. Ha ha. I guess it's my own fault for not keeping up on TV, but I didn't even know when the show was on TO watch it. Going to Florida shoved me right out of the loop on a lot of things.

September 04, 2002


Wow, it's been a loooong day. I had class from 9-10:30, psych 290 lab meeting from 10:30-11:30, started writing my story for class tomorrow from 110:30-12, had class from 12-2. Then at 2:00, I went home and called Aarti, and she and I went over to IMPE (student gym) to ride the bikes for 45 minutes. That's where the "ouch" comes in. My legs are SORE! Whew. We got back at 4, showered, and went to a resume workshop at 5. We had to leave that early to get to the finance club meeting (which Aarti had to go to, so I tagged along for the free food) for the Bank One career opportunities presentation. That lasted until 7, and from then on, I have been working on finishing my story. Which will be the first in my class to get workshopped tomorrow... eeep! But I've finally printed it, so all is good in the world. At least for now. <.g> And I'm exhausted! And that was probably the dryest post ever...

September 03, 2002

Psychic Moment (er somethin')

As of last night, I had never seen Good Charlotte. Had no idea what they looked like. I'd never heard their song. I didn't even know what type of music they played. Obviously, I'd never seen their video. Basically, I had zero knowledge of Good Charlotte, other than Chris was in their video. I turned on the TV, and it was on MTV. Which was weird, because I hadn't been watching MTV all day due to their broadcasting MTV2 (which I'd like to get, but not in place of regular MTV).

So. There's this video on, and at least one of the guys has this crazy-spikey hair, right? (Remember, I know NOTHING of Good Charlotte). SOMETHING in me went "Oo, is this the Good Charlotte video?" Maybe the spikey hair made me flash to Chris' mohawk, or something. Who knows. So I stood there holding my pajamas (which I had been about to put on) and watched and watched, looking at every face to catch a glimpse of Chris, in case he was one of those punk-y guys (which he wasn't, but I didn't know!). But then, there he is! Lo and behold, it IS Good Charlotte's video! Now, isn't that somethin'? <.g>

Oh, and poor, poor Lance. =( Shelley told me this morning, and she's got the scoop over there at Blue Roses.

I also had a dream last night, which I remembered! I don't usually remember them. And I certainly don't usually dream about Justin Timberlake. Hmm. But because this post is already lengthy, I'm going to stick it in "More."

* * *

My Random Justin Dream

First off, I can't even begin to cover all the randomness in this dream. All the following people were featured as people I either passed by or talked to along the way: guy Matt from one of my classes a few years ago (did a project with him... random), the "drama group" that graduated high school a year ahead of me (random), Shelley with this little tiny electric van, which she had a license to drive (random), my friend Greg (random)... and we were at the Six Pack (dorms at my school), in their parking garage (which they don't, in reality, have), and the parking garage was connected to a shoe store (random). We kept driving around in Shelley's van trying to find parking, and then alternately trying to find where we'd parked the car. <.shrug> It's a dream, yo.

Anyway. Shelley was off trying to find the minivan (which is funny, because it was seriously mini), and I was going down the escalator into the shoe store. Justin was there, but he was just one of my acquaintences, I guess. I mean, he was Justin Timberlake, but it was casual. "Like I Love You" came on as I was walking by a speaker, and he was walking the other way, and I was like "Justin! Come here!" I pulled him to under the speaker. He listened and grinned and got kinda sheepish. And then I was going up the escalator, and I pulled him by the arm so I could tell him that I was glad Champaign radio had FINALLY started playing his song (which, in reality, it hasn't... grrr), and that Chicago radio had played it ALL the time while I was at home, and that I missed it greatly. And he kinda laughed and said yeah, he was glad, too. And then I woke up.

One of the strangest things, though, was that Justin was not now-Justin, he was more debut-album-Justin. He was very young-looking and had curls on top which were slightly lighter than the rest of his hair (yet not platinum). He wore a big long-sleeved shirt with horizontal stripes across the chest, and baggy jeans. (This all makes me a dirty old lady, just for having a dream about him, even if it wasn't even a sexy dream). And what does it all mean? Hmmmm...

September 02, 2002

Fake Food

I'm addicted to Crystal Light. Seriously. I drink two quarts a day. That can't be good, right? Lol. And that got me to thinking. I'm trying to be all healthy, right? My goal is 20 pounds by January (I'm saying it, putting it out there... you all will help keep me honest with that, right? <.g>). Which will be about the thinnest I'll have been in my "adult" life, but I think it's an attainable goal. Anyway. I have this habit of getting everything as low-cal or fat free as possible when I go to the store, because... fewer calories. Yeah. The check-out women even commented on it yesterday. "Wow, you're good. You buy healthy food!" <.giggle> They were the cutest women. But, yeah. So in buying fat-free sour cream and fat-free American and Swiss cheese and no-cal spray butter and light bread, sugar-free jello, skim milk, sugar-free drinks (Crystal Light and sugar-free Kool Aid), Diet Coke (which I'm really not drinking, but is there in case I need caffeine), Smart Ones frozen meals... all of this is just Chemical Cuisine, isn't it? There's nothing *real* there. Of course I bought fruit and veggies and rice and stuff, too, but I feel like the main parts of my diet are all fake. Hmmm. Again, can't be good, right?