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Today was a good day! I went to the mall with Jess and Hollis. I bought a new purse with a gift card I'd gotten for Christmas. It's very cute. I'm excited. Then I got the face scrub from Bath and Body Works I have been looking for FOREVER.

Then Jess, Hollis and I went into the city to see Jill and Mike's new apartment. To explain a bit, Jill and Hollis are sisters. We've known them since Jill and I were in preschool. Jill's my age and Hollis is Jessica's age. Anyway. So we went downtown. The apartment is GORGEOUS. It's right on the Lake Michigan. Like, a stone's throw from the water. They have a "corner" (the quotes are because the building is a squiggly-rounded shape, so their living room is round) from which you can see all of Navy Pier and the beach that's right there. On the roof of the third floor there are two parks -- one that's all grass with a playground for the kids, the other which has a pond, a "nature-y" path, an area for grilling, picnic tables, and a swimming pool. On the roof of the third floor. The building has valet parking, a restaurant, convenience store, salon... some offices... parking alone costs $250 a month, so I can't imagine what the apartment must cost. But it's beautiful, I love it, and I'm completely jealous. <.g>

It was so good to see Jill. She's my first friend out in the "real" world. She'll probably marry Mike, she's got a good job right across the border in Indiana, did I mention she lives in a beautiful apartment? Since she is probably my oldest friend, this is all very exciting. Anyway, we went to Papagus, a Greek restaurant. YUMMY. Jill's food was late, so we got a free dessert out of it, which was big enough to feed the five of us. Lol. I brought half my dinner home. We even got away with using $50 of Let Us Entertain You certificates, even though they are not valid on Saturdays. Lol. Our waiter was cool.

Afterwards, we came home, I made a coffee cake for tomorrow, and I colored Easter Eggs. I love coloring Easter Eggs!! I didn't get as creative with it as I usually do. The colors weren't taking quite as well. Ah well.

So tomorrow is Easter. Last night we went to the Good Friday service, which was all dark and intense. Everyone wore black (except me... I didn't get the memo, and was in red), it was an almost all-music service, and there was a very graphic medical description of exactly what the body goes through during crucifixion. I'll spare you the pain. It was making me nauseous. I don't have a very high pain tolerance, though. Lol. And tomorrow morning we'll go to the Easter service, which should hopefully be much lighter and much more uplifting. One would hope. <.g> So I'm getting my dose of church this weekend. =)

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