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catching up

I've been a Bad Blogger lately. And a Bad Blog Reader. I *think* I'm keeping up with things, but then I go check and I've missed like 12 posts. Lol. So unless you all are Mad Bloggers, I'm slacking. <.g>

She already posted about it (I'm late, as usual), but Shelley and I had a bit of *NSYNC-watching fun last night. I took her to rent OTL and we ended up coming back with PopOdyssey Live, too. We had to make sure it was suitable for her little brother, and that it was up to quality standards and everything, so we had to watch it. We didn't want to; we had to. Honest. It was our duty as big sister/big sister's roommate. Yes.

So that SO brought back memories. <.sigh> My first concert. Ever. So as of June 15th last year, I hadn't been to any concerts. After April 7th of this year, just 10 months later, I'll have been to seven. Lol. (2 PopOdyssey, Aerosmith, Janet, 2 Celebrity, and Nelly.) That'll be fun. But seriously, it was a lot of fun to relive PO, even if only on a 13-inch TV. I got to see a heck of a lot more facial expressions/costume details. Way different from watching the JumboTron and then squinting down at those bouncing and wiggling colored ants on the stage and matching costumes to figure out who was who. <.g> They had some fun backstage ripping-off-clothing (don't worry, they had another layer underneath) moments, but sometimes I'd have liked to watch more of those goofy videos they were showing. I think they were a little more conservative knowing they were being filmed, though. My concert was more fun. I miss Justin getting stuck during God Must Have Spent and Chris hanging around while they got the ladder out to get him down, and then Justin hopping on Chris's back and riding him piggy-back style as they sprinted for their costume change. I miss all the bouncing on the runway during Gone. I miss the extra dirtiness injected into the bull-riding during Space Cowboys. I miss Chris checking out his own butt on the JumboTron. heh heh. I tell ya, they were more conservative this time. Ah well.

So that was fun. I get Amie today, and Aarti's 11-year-old family friend from Austria will also be here, I think. Invasion of the sixth graders! I know Amie wanted to work on her Sim house, but that would be very non-interactive, and I don't want any bored children, so perhaps we'll watch On the Line or something. Make popcorn, play Disney Monopoly... we have options.

Well. I've wasted enough time. Getting dressed and ready for class would be productive now. Yes.

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