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Why do I live in Illinois? Our weather needs to make up its mind. Dude. We had 70-degree days in December, 50- and 60-degree days in January and February... now it's March. March 26, to be exact, less than a week from April, and it's more like winter than any of those months ever was. Yesterday, Champaign-Urbana was one solid sheet of ice. Seriously. There was no difference between street/grass/sidewalk. All ice. I felt like a penguin waddling along it, head ducked into the wind to spare my nose and hopefully my ears, since (genius me) I did not bring my hat. Or scarf. Or gloves. Today, I woke up in a snow globe. Yes, folks, we're in the middle of an honest-to-goodness "winter storm," complete with warnings and everything! The snow out my window goes up to car doors... that's gonna be fun to walk in <.g>

And it really would be fun to walk in if I hadn't done something awful to my knee last night. =/ I don't know WHAT I did, but I was kneeling on Shelley's floor, and when I went to stand up, I couldn't straighten it. Now I can't bend it. At least not without a shooting pain flying through it. Ow. And darn it if I don't HAVE to go to class today.... when did my Tuesdays become so important that I can't even miss one? And I don't even own boots! <.pout>

Well, I played Sims last night for hours upon hours instead of doing my statistics which is due tomorrow. Maybe I can play this knee thing up and turn the homework in on Friday <.g> Probably not. But I DID see the Girlfriend remix on MTV this morning, and I hadn't EVER seen it on MTV. I don't think I'd even ever seen the original, outside of TRL. So that was quite exciting. Good start to my day. Good start. And in five minutes I get to call work and tell them I can work the Nelly concert on the 7th. WOOHOO!! That will be a weekend of concerts... *NSYNC Thursday and Friday, possibly Proof (okay, it's a play, but it's still a show) on Saturday, and now Nelly on Sunday. Whee!


Oh, my gosh! I hadn't even noticed the snow until i read your blog! Man, I would have been in for a nasty surprise.

Lol, it was quite a little blizzard when I woke up!! I'm glad you noticed before you were knee-deep in snow. *g*

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