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Man, I'm getting a little tired of some-dreams being down every night. Yeesh. I was talking on the phone to Aarti last night when Rina sent me this quote, and Aarti asked if I'd post it so that she could actually read it, so, Aarti, here it is.

" I wanted to ride with Joey and Lance, but I'm allergic to ferrets. So I have to put up with Justin and Chris playing their funny jokes on me. There were times when I thought that swollen eyes and a runny nose might be more fun, actually." -- JC

Heehee, cute, ey?

Also, is that one big-ass beer in Joey's hand? Lol. He's cute.

Okie dokie, I'm off to work. Another loooong day of scrounging around for work. Somehow I just can't sit there and play Solitaire or surf the 'net. Kyle told me she was expecting to hire a temp who would sit and read magazines and answer the phones, not a previous employee who would actually want to work. <.g> I just feel so wasteful if I'm not doing something productive. Like, what are they paying me for? To answer phones, yes, but those darn things don't ring every minute (although sometimes it feels like it...). So. I spend more of my time wandering the office looking for some odd job than actually doing odd jobs, because nobody seems to have any odd jobs for me!

Okay, rant over. I do apologize.

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