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Today's radio news was full of tidbits on Ms. Spears. Did you know she's opening a restaurant in New York? Tentatively called Pinky's. Cute. Why is it that all these musicians want to branch out and do everything under the sun, just because they have the money to? Somehow, I don't think a Britney Spears restaurant in Manhattan is going to be a booming business. But what do I know?

The radio also spent an obscene amount of time debating whether Justin and Britney did actually break up. They were taking callers to vote on it all day. What kind of world do we live in where the relationship between two practically-teenagers is such big news? Yeesh! I, for one, don't care. At all.

There was also discussion of Joey's "second" and "third" movies (quotes are there because that's what the radio chick called them, but I know he's done at least one movie before OTL, Longshot, which knocks those numbers down, so...). That's news I'm actually somewhat interested in. ;)

Oh, want to hear something cute? Too bad, you're hearing it anyway. <.g> Or reading... whatever. Anyway. My mom said to me last night, "You know, I'd like to go to an *NSYNC concert with you sometime." She didn't want to go with my friends, though, saying they wouldn't want a mom tagging along, so she said next concert (if there is one), she'd like to go with me. Lol. I tried to talk her into finding a friend (which she laughed at) to go see this concert with, in case there isn't a next one. Plus, the rumored toned-down atmosphere would probably be more my mom's speed than, say, PopOdyssey would have been. Ah well. Ya think I could get her to drive seven hours on a Thursday night to go to the Memphis concert? HA!

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