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learning *something* at least

I have proof that I learn things in school. See, in Cognitive Psych, we were talking about humans' unique ability to see and remember faces. We can remember them better than anything else we see, and our perception of them is also unique in that we can recognize them from different angles but not when they're inverted.

Case in point.


It took me an obscenely long amount of time to tell who the two upside down guys were. a) They're really young. b) They have no facial hair. c) They're gold. d) They're upside down. Lol. But it was by process of elimination. I saw JC and Justin. I thought the upper-right one was Lance. Then I noticed Lance down in between JC and Justin, and then it was like "okay... that one, I think, is Chris... who IS that fifth guy?" Lol. I honestly didn't recognize him as Joey. It was only because Joey was the only one missing that I decided it was him, tried to turn my head upside down, and finally saw the resemblence. <.g>

Now I'm off to work as receptionist for the week. Joy!


Now that just waahh.... I recognized Lance and Justin, then I thought JC, but the other two. I was so....i was thinking, what are those Nsync boys names again? ::giggle:: Then I saw the picture of them on my computer, and it came back, but i still didn't know which was which.

I'm SO glad I'm not the only one! Lol. Even know that I *know* who they are, I'm still looking at them going "Now that IS Chris and Joey, right?" Crazy. Chris looks extraordinarily like my friend's dad, there, only about 25 years younger. And Joey looks like my uncle, but Skinny Joey always looks like my uncle. So.

okay, I can't believe it took you that long. I got them all in like 2 seconds. But joey did throw me, but anyway... I love how jc's lip is still kinda red! hee hee!

okay, that sounded a bit bratty, so I just want to say that I didn't mean it like that. It is just funny that you got confused. On retrospect the most confusing one is Chris to me... the others were pretty obvious. Chris is pretty hot lying upside down and inverted like that.

Suuuuure you didn't mean it. =oř Why did they let someone do that to them? Poor boys.


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