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Home again, home again, jiggity jig

I'm home. It's good to be home. I think my mom and I might go see a movie tonight, and then I'm going to try to drag her with me to Allstate tomorrow morning to get tickets for Aarti and me for the Thursday concert. Hopefully there are decent seats.

Oooo my mom bought me mint chocolate chip ice cream!! She's so cute.

Today is Friday, today is Friday! I got these from Krissy, because apparently we're doing the first Friday Five today. =)

1. Where were you born (city or state or just country)? Chicago area. Hoffman Estates, Illinois to be exact, because that's where the hospital was. (And Krissy, my sister goes to school in Kalamazoo, MI <.g>)

2. What is your favorite number? Five.

3. Vanilla or chocolate? Chocolate.

4. What section of a bookstore would I find you in? Oh, goodness. I can get lost in bookstores for hours, and that usually involves visiting a number of different areas. I wander the fiction section, poetry, music, children's...

5. What kind of mattress do you have on your bed? soft? firm? water? It's pretty soft. With an egg crate thingy on it, too. I love snuggling in. Heehee.

Oh, I forgot. I went to see Grease at the high school Meghan student teaches at last night. It was so much fun!! Made me miss high school theatre A LOT. They were really quite good, too. Danny was about 3 inches shorter than Sandy, which was funny. He was a skinny little guy and came up to about mid-torso on one of the T-Birds (who was very tall, but it was cute). But Danny and Sandy both had gorgeous voices. Especially Sandy. Anyway. I think being involved in theatre was the best thing I could have done in high school, so it gets me all excited when I see kids loving it as much as I did. <.g>

Okay, Mom's home so I'm going to go look at the movie section. =)


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