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Spring break is going to be full of working. I'm going to play receptionist at Civiltech for the week, I have LOTS of homework, and I have to come back to school two days early to work the IHSA Drill Team State Competition. Woohoo. My "break" will consist of a 50-hour work week on top of schoolwork. <.g> BUT it is all in the name of being responsible. See, for a fleeting 24-hours, Shelley, Aarti and I toyed with the idea of taking a road trip to Texas. Aarti and I have had the itch to take a road trip, Shelley wants to visit her friend Jen, and there would have been the added bonus of pretty boys singing while we'd have been there. But then we realized that doing that would cost us a couple hundred dollars (and I've been told that money doesn't grow on trees...), and I could be making a couple hundred dollars working. So.

Responsibility this morning, however, is NOT my middle name. I have had the laziest morning ever. I slept in (until 8:30... lol... how sad is that), worked out, and have basically sat around. I skipped my statistics class (the one that confuses me more than helps) in the name of making up the lab hours I missed by going to the career fair on Monday, but then skipped lab in the name of having completed more transcripts in the past two months than anyone else in the lab. Lol. I NEVER skip class, and NEVER EVER for no reason at all. I'm telling ya, senioritis is setting in...

I talked to Meghan last night, and she mentioned wanting to take a road trip to Florida after finals. That sounds like a grand idea to me, especially with the money I'll be making by not going to Texas next week. <.g> We'd go to Venice, stay with her Auntie Toni for a couple days (she lives right on the beach), then probably hit Orlando for a couple days. Mike still lives there and has extended us an open invitation to crash there. We'd try to round up some main gate passes and hit the parks for a day or two... OH HOW I HOPE THIS CAN WORK OUT. I have been in Florida-withdrawal for sooo long now. And hey, C, maybe you could join us. =) If only the Orlando concert was a week or two later, or finals ended a week or two earlier... ah well. Can't have everything. <.g>


OH I AM SO JEALOUS LISTENING TO YOUR PLANS----I want to go...:( Kate I have so much to do I am feeling so overwelmed I would LOVE to just run or at least drive away-i hate school....but you know I will be getting to orlando one day, even if not now :( also, my friend, I don't think I will be able to come to Chicago as soon as we had hoped...what is summer like for you? cause i would love to visit then-then I will have no responsibilities of school and I can plan ahead of time to not have work either? Oh I am SO SAD! :( grrr talk to you later

Awww, don't be sad! This summer, unless I am in a different city (which doesn't look likely) would be wonderful. =) Planning ahead is a good thing. Lol. I tend not to do it as often as I should. And who knows if the Orlando thing will work out... I seem to do a lot of planning and dreaming and not as much doing. Ha ha. But it's a nice thought for now, anyway. Talk to ya later, gator.

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