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I had an utterly uninteresting day. I read six chapters in my History of Advertising book, fell asleep again, and read one article. I have so much to do tomorrow, it's not even funny.

But tonight Aarti and I went to see Gosford Park. Good film. I'd highly recommend it. It's one of those films that keeps your mind going the entire time. I'm still pondering a couple of the storylines, but I was proud of myself for figuring out most of it. <.g> I won't say anything else about it, other than I'd heard it was all British actors, but this one guy walked into the kitchen and I was like "Is that Ryan Phillippe?" So having heard it was all British actors, I spent the first twenty minutes squinting at him and trying to decide if it was or wasn't. Lol. It was.

And C, that's where I was... at the movies. Heehee. You signed off at 11:42. I walked in at 11:47. Lol. Sorry. =)

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