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Thank You!!

I tried posting this last night, just before the errors at Aletia (I think) started occurring, and I just now realized that, now that everything is working again, I had not actually succeeded in getting it posted.

I want to give a big THANK YOU to Kristine!! She's the one responsible for moving me over here, for formatting the template, for CREATING the commenting form... doesn't it look fabulous? She did an excellent job. So, Krissy, thank you SO much!! =)


Yay!!!! I'm so glad you are up and running and happy with it all! You deserve a beautiful home for your thoughts, even if they are very nsync-centered :) Tee hee!!! :)

Love the new look and the new address! Congratulations! :-D

Lol. They are nsync-centered, aren't they? That's not always the case...although I'm sure that will persist until the concert-giddiness has worn off. And I think I have Rina to blame for this tumbling into the world of nsync fandom, even if she claims otherwise. *g* Watch out... she'll get you next. Heehee.

And thanks, Susie!! I like it, too. =)

yeah, yeah, Rina's definitely sucked me into different worlds over the years - I still have to stop on every X-Files episode that comes on to see how Mulder looks :giggle:

And man, I really like how these popups turned out - looking good! :)

Lol. My favorite Mulder, I think, would have to be Glasses Mulder (first seen in the Pilot). *g*

And I LOVE the pop-ups. Thank you again! =)

Ahh, and I have some GREAT pictures somewhere around here of mulder in glasses that Rina just *had* to share with me :giggle: That was back when I was making EVERYTHING into manipulated pictures for her stories :) At least she hasn't sucked me into that with NSync pictures ;) I might end up with some scary pics like JC humping the stage LOL!!!

Krissy, for some reason your comment's not showing up on here for me, but I got it in the email, soo...

Rina hasn't sucked you in with *NSYNC pictures YET. Lol. And if she has anything to do with it, it will be pictures of *Lance* humping the stage instead of JC that you'll be using. Although, personally speaking, I'd prefer you to to be manipulating pictures of JC. *g*

NOW your post shows up. Lol.

Geez, I go away for 3 days and you all start to talk about me! LOL!

Lance humps the stage very well, Miss Kate, and such a picture would be very deserving of manipulation. *giggle* Really, though, the candid shots they take normally are so slashy, there's no real need to manipulate them into couples. LOL They're so obliging that way.

I never said he didn't! What I said was that if you had anything to do with it, it WOULD be Lance humping the stage. *g* But I STILL prefer JC. =)

Hello, first time here and wanted to say hi

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