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Just trying to make sure everything is working so that I can get this site UP and runing ASAP. To not have this be a pointless entry, I leave you with a poem. <.g>

How should I know? The enormous wheels of will Drove me cold-eyed on tired and sleepless feet. Night was void arms and you a phantom still, And day your far light swaying down the street. As never fool for love, I starved for you; My throat was dry and my eyes hot to see. Your mouth so lying was most heaven in view, And your remembered smell most agony.

Love wakens love! I felt your hot wrist shiver,
And suddenly the mad victory I planned
Flashed real, in your burning bending head...
My conqueror's blood was cool as a deep river
In shadow; and my heart beneath your hand
Quieter than a dead man on a bed.
~"Lust" by unknown author


Trying out this commenting thing... heehee.

Congratulations on the move! It looks terrific! :)

Anyway, just so you know, the author of this poem is Rupert Brooke.

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