Which Lance are you?
Quiz by Rina and Miggie

1) You've just opened your eyes after a good night's sleep. What's the first thought that pops on your head?
a) You need to put more of those glowing stars on the ceiling.
b) Calling your mom.
c) Your next cocktail party. Gotta get more contacts!
d) Must... have... Tylenol.
e) Why am I in Joey's room?

2) Your friends are trying to set you up on a blind date. What's your first thought?
a) I hope s/he's not an alien.
b) Oh, God. What have I done to deserve this?
c) I wonder who s/he could introduce me to?
d) Wonder if s/he'd like some sex on the beach?
e) Aww...They're so cute. But why bother, really? Your friends are enough for you.

3) You've just received an speeding ticket. What do you say to the officer?
a) "What? I was SO behind the speed of light!"
b) "I am so sorry, Mr. Policeman. I don't know how it happened!"
c) "Let me introduce you to my passenger, Tom Hanks."
d) You mean there is only ONE officer? Good thing I'm in the passenger seat.
e) Nothing. You look at his handcuffs with a wicked smile.

4) You're looking for a new house. Where do you start looking?
a) Orlando. You love visiting all the NASA places.
b) Across the street from your family home. You don't know what you were thinking, trying to live across town.
c) NYC, of course. You already have a condo in Beverly Hills.
d) Why bother? You never sleep at your place anyway.
e) San Fransisco. Love the scenery.

5) Your first kiss was...
a) Out of this world.
b) I'm still waiting.
c) With this guy who promised you a role in his next movie.
d) Intoxicating.
e) With your best friend. Everyone experiments, right?

6) Your favorite song is...
a) Space Cowboy, duh
b) Nature Boy, David Bowie
c) There's No Business like Show Business, Ethel Merman
d) Rock 'n' Roll All Night (And Party Everyday), KISS
e) Dancing Queen, ABBA

7) Your dream vacation would be...
a) Anywhere, as long as it is far away.
b) Paris. I'm a romantic.
c) The Cannes Film Festival.
d) New Orleans in Mardi Gras, baby!
e) Amsterdam.

8) Your best friend just confessed that they've got a crush on someone you know. What do you do?
a) Stare into space. This isn't the first time you've heard that.
b) Try to fight the bump in your throat.
c) Call the crush on your cell phone and give it to your friend.
d) Offer them a drink in sympathy.
e) Think, "please, please let it be me."

9) You get home after a long day of work, only to find your dog chewed your favorite shoes. What do you do?
a) Wonder if it's too late to put him in the Sputnik.
b) Sigh and toss them away. Dogs will be dogs.
c) Plan a trip to LA to get another pair soon.
d) Swear you'll never give beer to Scrappy again.
e) Cry. Those were JC's shoes.

10) You're really hungry. What do you eat?
a) A pint of Ben & Jerry's White Russian ice cream.
b) Your mom's homemade lasagna.
c) What's today's Spago's special?
d) Bloody Mary. Hey, it has tomato juice.
e) A massive hot dog. Yummy.

Please make sure you've answered all the questions!
If you're having a problem, e-mail Rina.

Code adapted from colleen’s quiz tutorial